Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wellington WWKiPD wrap-up

So about 30 people braved the rain and took part in the Wellington World Wide Knit in Public Day event at Victoria St Cafe today. It was hard to get a decent photo as everyone was spread out, but here are some of the knitters:

Petra won the quiz prize draw

I made a new best friend (I think because she very quickly clicked to the fact that I was the one in charge of the giveaways...)

A doll she knitted herself. She's only 8 and she can knit faster than me. She told me it's because I need to practice more; I'll give her that. She's currently knitting scarves for everyone in her family and then she's going to start knitting them to sell for $5 each. Excellent plan.

Thanks to all our sponsors, there were lots of giveaways so over half the knitters left with some new yarn, needles, a pattern, or something equally as exciting.

Then at 3pm the treasure hunt organised by The 8th Canoe began. Teams had to walk from the Victoria St Cafe to the Southern Cross, spotting as many knitted 'pieces of 8' in the shop windows as they could. Here are a couple:

My team mate and I didn't win anything from our treasure hunt efforts, but Ellen did give me this as a consolation prize:

This can be my dream date until I find a better one!


  1. I am so impressed that you organised this event. And, how awesome is that 8 year-old? I was about 8 when I STARTED knitting, but I think I'd struggle to knit that doll, even now!

    Love your consolation prize. My mum has a box full of knitting patterns from the late 60s to modern times, but I'm not sure any of the men's jerseys are as spiffing as yours! :o)

  2. Haha, those old patterns are so funny. Sometimes the models look really pained or the babies in them are crying and I think, 'WHY would you choose that photo as the cover?!'. Yup the 8 year old was pretty cool, she was like, 'I just knit all the time, like at home, at school, everywhere.'