Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Challenge accepted

So before Anita left for England, I challenged her to go to one of the three yarn shops in London I found online that looked cool and to take photos. She is so obedient! 2 days into her holiday and I get this:

It looks so cool! I want to go IN there! The blackboard says 'Bar List' - they have a bar in a yarn shop?! Amazing! I Knit London is now on my list of places to go one day - it seems so crazy that only last week I was looking at the I Knit London website and telling someone to go there and then voila, through the magic of the internet a week later I get a photo of that person standing in front of it looking all happy and wearing summer clothing (not the above photo obviously because Anita is not a man who has a man bag and stands far away and oblivious in photos, I just decided not to put the photo with her in it on here because she might not be okay with that). Ahhh summer. You should come back.

Although the good thing about it being cold is that I've been able to wear my very first scarf. I finished it in early January which isn't an optimal woollen scarf wearing month so it's been safely tucked away, waiting for its debut.

Here it is, just hanging out being pretty. I can't say the same for myself in that photo so, as you can see, I cut my head out of it. The scarf's the star of the show anyway.

Speaking of shows (seamless linking of topics tonight!), we only have two more nights of Tea for Toot left. It's crazy, the two-and-a-bit week season seems to have gone so fast. We were saying tonight how we haven't become bored of it yet and are still having a lot of fun. And a lot of hysteria. There's one part where Alex and I improvise a bit each night and we are just getting more and more carried away with our hysterical hilarity. It's great. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself next week. I'm thinking a lot of knitting.

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