Friday, June 11, 2010

This weekend I'm off to

The 2010 New Zealand Costume and Textile Association Symposium. I feel like a bit of a fraud going along because it all sounds very serious and important, but after I heard about the event and read the programme for the weekend all the talks/presentations sounded really interesting so I thought, 'why not?'. Plus, Craft 2.0 is on on Saturday so I was already going to go out to TheNewDowse to see 'It's a Tree!' and to peruse some of the lovely things for sale (and maybe buy a few presents for people seeing as it's birthday season).

Also, remember this little viola that could?

It finally got a proper new (and very stylish, I might add) ceramic pot this week. I am very proud of my little plant effort, although it's getting a bit out-of-control and floppy. I trimmed some leaves and flowers but even still, the chopstick isn't helping it stand up much these days. Clearly it can't be that I have green fingers, more that this plant has a mind of its own!

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